Prof.  Jadwiga Indulska

Contact details:


School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

The University of Queensland,

Brisbane, QLD 4072, Australia

Location: Room 627, General Purpose South

Telephone: +61-7-3365 2542


Research interests:

pervasive computing, ubiquitous computing,

mobile computing, distributed computing,

communication protocols, wireless networks

Member of the Ubiquitous Computing Group


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Research Leader of the DSTC project on Pervasive Autonomic Context-aware Environments (past project)




Research Leader in National ICT Australia (context-aware, autonomic networks) - past project








Program Director of Master of Computer Science









General Co-Chair of UIC'09ATC'09 and ICON'99








General Chair of  PerCom'13, San Diego March 2013 




Program Chair of  MDM'14, Brisbane, July 2014, PerCom'11, Seattle, March, 2011, EUC'10, Hong Kong, December 2010, Pervasive'08, Sydney, May 2008, DAIS'07, Paphos, Cyprus,  June, 2007, UIC'07, Hong Kong,  July, 2007, ICON'99, Brisbane, September, 1999.


Vice-Program Chair of PerCom'06, Pisa, Italy, March 2006


Co-Chair of CoMoRea'06, Pisa, Italy, March 2006, CoMoRea'07, New York, March 2007, CoMoRea'08, Hong Kong, March 2008, CoMoRea'09, Galvestone, March 2009, CoMoRea'10, Mannheim, March 2010, MiSS'08, Sydney, December 2008, MiSS'09, Melbourne, December 2009, ACMRM'04, Nottingham, UK, Sep 2004


Member of Conference Program Committees in 2004-2014:

MDM’04, ICON'04, MDDS’04, ICOST'04, RM’04, ATNAC’04, LoCa'05, PerCom'05, ICOST'05, CAPMI'05, SELMAS'05, DAIS'05,  MDDS'05, CoopNet'05, ARM'05, UISW'05, CoMoRea'06, PCAC'06, VTC Spring'06, DAIS'06, ICOST'06, MobiQuitous'06, ICON'06, ICISIP'06, ICDCIT’06, LOCARE'06, PerCom'07, MUE'07, CoMoRea'07, MDC'07, VTC Spring'07, UbiSafe'07, DAIS'07, PCAC'07, MUCS'07, LoCA'07, ICPADS'07, ICON'07, MASS-GHS'07, ATNAC'07, MiSS’07, ARM’07, M2NM07, PerCom'08, MUE'08, CoMoRea'08, MUE’08, DAIS’08, ARCS’08, ICOST’08, Mobiquitous’08, EUC’08, CCNC’09, PerCom’09, CoMoRea'09, Ubicomp'09, DAIS'09, CCNC'10, PerCom'10, CoMoRea'10, DAIS'10, SUTC'10, DAIS'11, ISWPC'11, ICCCN'11, COMSWARE'11, CoMoRea'11, PerCom'12, DAIS'12, CoMoRea'12, PECCS'13, CoMoRea'13, MoMM'13, ATC'13, ACOMORE'14, PECCS'14

Current research students:

Ranjana Pathak, Mingyang Zhong, Jiahui Wen


Past research students:

Shivanajay Marwaha (PhD), Johnson Fong (PhD), Wei Yin (PhD), Peizhao Hu (PhD), Bob Hardian (PhD), Ryan Wishart (PhD), Myilone Anandarajah (MPhil), Ricky Robinson (PhD), Qiang Fu (PhD), Sasitharan Balasubramaniam (PhD), Karen Henricksen (PhD), Nicole Dunlop (PhD),  Nic Williams (PhD), Bruce McClure (MPhil),  Matthew Gallagher (PhD), Wayne Brookes (PhD), Gouping Zhang (PhD)


 CSSE4004 - Distributed Computing

 COMS3200 - Computer Networks I






       Recent Publications (1997-2012)