Report on DICTA95

Digital Image Computing Techniques and Applications

The Third Biennial National Conference of the Australian Pattern Recognition Society

St John's College
The University of Queensland
Brisbane 6-8th December 1995

The DICTA95 conference was a tremendous success. There were over 150 delegates; most were from Australia but many were from overseas. Indeed, the breakdown of authors and co-authors by country was as follows:

Australia (154)
New Zealand (6)
Japan (5)
Hong Kong (4)
USA, Germany, Italy (3)
UK, Russia (2)
France, Korea, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Republic of Belarius, Rumania, Taiwan (1)

Over 120 technical papers were presented in both lecture and poster format and there were three keynote speeches as well as the banquet speaker.

Keynotes: Chris Brown, University of Rochester
Janet Aisbett, DSTO
Ramesh Jain, UCSD
Banquet: M. Shrinavasan, ANU

Chris gave an excellent talk on ``Control for and by Computer Vision.'' He discussed the advantages of robot control by computer vision and presented demonstrations of relevant work at the University of Rochester. Chris celebrated his 50th birthday during the conference, so we had a surprise party for him on the Friday with champagne and cake all round.

Janet talked about ``Information in Images and its Military Application.'' She discussed her experiences with computer vision at DSTO. We wish her well in her new Chair at the University of Tasmania and hope she maintains her links with the APRS.

Dr Shrinavasan gave a fascinating after dinner talk about insect vision systems. He showed a number of entertaining videos that demonstrated what he has discovered about the vision of bees. It was a highly polished talk that was very well-received over desserts and coffee at the University of Queensland Staff and Graduates Club.

On the final day, Ramesh talked about ``Visual Information Management Systems.'' With modern equipment it is easy to acquire many images but it is extremely difficult to organise them efficiently so that one can find images with particular characteristics.

The technical standard of the conference was high and despite the low registration fees, the conference will pay back all expenses and loans with a bit left over for the APRS. I wish to thank the other DICTA95 organisers for their help in making this conference such a success. I would also like to thank the following companies who sponsored and/or exhibited at the conference.

Silicon Graphics
Sun Microsystems
Virtuozo Systems
Astam Books
Arnotts Biscuits

Brian Lovell
General Chairman DICTA95

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