Meeting opened 5:15pm by B. Lovell (chair).

Attendees: B. Lovell (President), A. Maeder (Minutes Secretary) and 23 other members.

Apologies: P. Bamford, V. Chandran, P. Jackway, D. Suter, S. Venkatesh.


President's Report (B. Lovell):

Last major events for APRS were DICTA99 in Perth, and Workshop (2000) in Sydney.

Thanks to D. Suter for successful organisation of DICTA2002 with ACCV in Melbourne.

Interest sought for running next DICTA in December 2003: Sydney (CSIRO CMIS & TIP) or Brisbane (QUT & UQ, with ANZIIS) options, to be decided by March 2002.

B. Lovell was away overseas for 8 months sabbatical during 2000/1, A. Maeder stood in.

B. Lovell was IAPR representative for Australia, and Conferences subcommittee chair.

APRS finances sound (~ $30k), statement to be supplied separately as Treasurer absent.

Beneficial projects sought for APRS, including sponsorship of other Australian meetings.

Incoming committee to be asked to hold a brainstorming workshop to discuss APRS future and initiatives, input and suggestion sought from members present.


General Comments from Members:

R. Jarvis: APRS could fund interstate postgrad students to attend APRS endorsed events, and sponsor other events in the broad APRS area of interest that may not break even.

M. Berman: APRS could offer bursaries or top-ups for postgrad and honours students.

G. Poulton: APRS should pay for conference dinner attendance by student delegates at future DICTAs, and consider offering money as prizes for best papers and posters.

G. McLachlan: Consider holding next DICTA in hotel environment, for convenience.

B. Pham: APRS could offer a prize for best PhD theses each year, like ACSC, and could sponsor best paper prizes in other conference in broad APRS area of interest.

L. Bischof: APRS could give travel awards of $1000 towards postgrads attending overseas conferences; any APRS prizes/awards should go to people not institutions.

R. Jarvis: Consider giving a medal as a way to show lasting recognition by APRS.

P. Kovesi: Primary objective of APRS is to get people together to network/communicate.

Various: Need for APRS website to be revised/extended; re-examine membership cycle to make it 2 years so people donít drop off between DICTAs; need credit card or B-Pay.


Committee Elections:

B. Lovell declared all positions vacant, and passed chair to A. Maeder to run elections.

President: B. Lovell, nominated T. Adriaansen/R. Jarvis, declared elected.

Vice-President: D. Suter, nominated R. Jarvis/B. Pham, declared elected.

Treasurer/Membership: T. Adriaansen, nominated B. Pham/G. Poulton, declared elected.

Secretary: H. Talbot, nominated M. Berman/L. Bischof, declared elected

Editor: V. Chandran, nominated L. Bischof/B. Pham, declared elected

Ordinary Members (2): P. Kovesi, nominated M. Berman/R. Jarvis, and A. Maeder, nominated T. Adriaansen/A. Bainbridge-Smith, declared elected.B. Lovell resumed chair.


Other Business:

A. Bainbridge-Smith: Could incoming committee consider a "president-elect" position?

R. Jarvis: Agreed, also need to preserve past knowledge via a "wise man" position.

C. Sun: Interested to revive NSW branch, members present asked to remain afterwards.

A.     Maeder: Need to look into what has happened to all state branch committees and funds.

Vote of appreciation to B. Lovell for his service as APRS President 2000-1, moved by A. Maeder/M. Berman, carried.B. Lovell noted personal thanks to all committee members.

Meeting closed 6:15pm.