Australian Pattern Recognition Society, APRS

AGM meeting


Date and time: Wednesday 7 December 2005, 4:30 pm.

Venue: Cairns Convention Centre.


Meeting Notes


  1. Last meeting.

·        Brian Lovell opened the meeting.

·        Minutes of the last meeting were previously distributed. Moved to accept: Andrew Bradley, Seconded: Tony Adriaansen. Carried.


Business arising:


  1. President’s Report.

Points discussed:

·        Report presented by Brian Lovell (copy to be sent to the secretary to accompany the meeting notes).

·        Tried to have regular meetings

·        No meetings were held other than the workshop on Medical Image Analysis held in Brisbane.

·        DICTA in Cairns:   Changed venue to convention centre

·        Change of Publisher (IEEE)

·        Increase in International speakers

·        Change of format aiming at DICTA becoming the premiere event in Australia

·        Changing DICTA to be an International event run in Australia

·        Reviewing was done by software, now adopted by other conferences

·        Electronic format for newsletter


New Business:


  1. Treasurer’s Report

·        Report presented by the Treasurer, Tony Adriaansen. Moved to accept: Anthony Maeder, Seconded: Wageeh Boles. Carried.


  1. DICTA 2005


Points discussed:

·        Logistics and financial risk for its destination (Cairns)

·        Budget increased from $40,000 to $60,000, due to changes: venue, publisher (IEEE).

·        Number of Delegates: 95.

·        Conference should break even.

·        Conference: “mildly” successful.


Brian Lovell vacated Chair of the meeting. Chair taken up by Sebastian Ourselin.


  1. APRS Committee


Roles of APRS Committee were explained/defined (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.)


New Committee nominated and subsequently elected are as follows:

            President: Sebastien Ourselin

            Vice President: Murk Bottema

            Secretary: Wageeh Boles

Treasurer: Tony Adriaansen

Co-opted member: Anthony Maeder

Members at Large: Brian Lovell, Alan Harvey


In addition, State Representatives were named: Peter Kovesi (WA), Girija Chetty (ACT). Representative for Tasmania is yet to be identified.      


  1. State Branches


Non-functioning branches (NSW and Victoria): Committee to discuss how funds can be moved to the national committee, or to renew the branches with a clear plan of activities. Follow up person to be identified.


  1. DICTA2007


·        Proposal from Adelaide (through Murk Bottema) to be presented to the committee. Draft was given to the elected President.

·        Consider setting the date for 2007 as early as possible.

·        In principle agreement to run the conference in Adelaide subject to a satisfactory formal bid to be received by end of January 2006.



Meeting closed 6:00pm.