Australian Pattern Recognition Society, APRS

BGM 2009 meeting


Draft minutes


Date and time: Wednesday 2 December 2009, 4:30 pm.

Venue: Medina Grand Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne, VIC.




1.      Minutes of the last meeting (attached)

2.      Business arising
    a. Change BGM to AGM? (All)
    b. Instructions for bidding/running DICTA - Brian Lovell
    c. Committee to improve visibility of DICTA - Murk Bottema

3.      President's report - Murk Bottema

4.      Report on DICTA 2009 - Hao Shi

5.      Treasurer's report - Tony Adriaansen

6.      DICTA 2010 planning - Jian Zhang and Chunhua Shen

7.      DICTA 2011 bids

8.      Election of officers

Other business


  1. Minutes of last meeting.

Minutes of the last meeting were distributed.

Motion to accept the minutes: Moved: Wageeh Boles, Seconded: Brian Lovell.. Carried.


  1. Business arising

a.       Change BGM to AGM?

Motion to change the BGM to an AGM. Moved: Brian Lovell, Seconded Anthony Maeder. Carried.

    b. Instructions for bidding/running DICTA - Brian Lovell

Brian initiated discussion on the need to have clear instructions for the bidding to run DICTA conferences. This will help the smooth running of the process.

Action: Brian to upload the proposal for some guidelines on the APRS web site for access and discussion.

Discussion on what entity is taking the financial risk when running DICTA conferences followed. It was resolved that the APRS carries that risk.

    c. Committee to improve visibility of DICTA - Murk Bottema

This is ongoing. No report at this stage.


  1. Presidentís Report.


Motion to make DICTA a yearly conference. Moved: Brian Lovell, Seconded:


  1. Report on DICTA 2009 - Hao Shi:


         The Conference Chair, Hao Shi, presented a short report. There were 100 registrations received.The general income and expenditure are attached. Hao Shi was congratulated on the excellent work she and her team have done to make this yearís conference a great success.


  1. Treasurerís report:

         Report was presented by the treasurer, Tony Adriaansen.

         Motion to accept the report. Mover: Brian Lovell, Seconded: Andrew Bradley. Carried.


  1. DICTA 2010

         The conference chair Jian Zhang presented a brief progress report. The conference web site is soon to be available.

         The conference registration fee is expected to remain at this yearís conference level.

         The conference is planned for about 120 delegates.

         The conference venue is the Mercure Hotel, Sydney.


  1. DICTA 2011


         Andrew Bradley indicated willingness to run the conference in Brisbane.

         A feasibility letter is to be received from Andrew around the end of January 2010.


  1. Election of the APRS Committee:


         Motion to elect Murk Bottema as the President: Moved: Brian. Seconded Anthony Maeder. Carried.

         Motion to elect Andrew Bradley as Vice President: Moved: Anthony Maeder. Seconded: Paul Jackway. Carried

         Motion for Tony Adriaansen to continue as Treasurer. Moved: Brian Lovell. Seconded: Massimo Piccardi. Carried.

         Motion for Hao Shi as Secretary. Moved: Andrew Bradley. Seconded: Wageeh Boles. Carried.

         Members at Large: Anthony Maeder, Brian Lovell, Nick Redding, and Wageeh Boles.


Other business:

A number of issues were briefly discussed:

         Committee to recruit people to run DICTA conferences and to become future committee members. One of the members at large may take on this responsibility.

         General business- Promote APRS for increased membership.

         Link with other committees- APRS to seek linkages with other committees. Activities may include bidding for joint events. Anthony Maeder to prepare a discussion.



Meeting closed at 5:30pm.