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Index Entry  Section

$: Other Functions

*: Arithmetic
**: Arithmetic

+: Arithmetic
++: Other Functions
+:=: Other Actions

-: Arithmetic
-:=: Other Actions

/: Arithmetic
//: Arithmetic

:=: Other Actions

<: Other Relations
<<: Arithmetic
<>: Other Functions

=: Other Relations
=<: Other Relations

>: Other Relations
>=: Other Relations
>>: Arithmetic

@<: Comparison of Terms
@=<: Comparison of Terms
@>: Comparison of Terms
@>=: Comparison of Terms

abs: Arithmetic
acos: Arithmetic
Action Definitions: Action Definitions
Action type expression: Type Definitions
actions: TeleoR Specific Actions
append: List Processing
Arithmetic: Arithmetic
asin: Arithmetic
atan: Arithmetic
atan2: Arithmetic
atdotdot: Other Functions
Atoms: Atoms
Attached Qulog actions: TR Program Definitions

between: Builtin Introduction
bitand: Arithmetic
bitneg: Arithmetic
bitor: Arithmetic
Built-Ins: Built-Ins
Builtin Introduction: Builtin Introduction

call: Simple Conditions for Rules and Relation Queries
ceiling: Arithmetic
Code names: Code names
Code type expressions: Type Definitions
Comparison Terms: Comparison of Terms
Complex Conditions: Simple Conditions for Rules and Relation Queries
Compound Terms: Compound Terms
cos: Arithmetic
current_thread: Other Relations

Data Areas: Data Areas
Data constants: Data constants
diff: Other Functions
Disjunction of constants type expression: Type Definitions

Environment Variables: Environment Variables
Example TR program: TR Program Definitions
exec_time: Other Functions
e_: Arithmetic

false: Other Relations
floor: Arithmetic
forall: Simple Conditions for Rules and Relation Queries
forget: Other Actions
forget_after: Other Actions
fork_as: Other Actions
from: Other Actions
Function calls: Function calls
Function Definitions: Function Definitions
Function type expression: Type Definitions

Getting Started: Getting Started
get_active_resources: Other Relations
get_waiting_resources: Other Relations
ground: Testing of Terms
ground_inputs: Testing of Terms

in: List Processing
in: Other Relations
Integer range type expression: Type Definitions
inter: Other Functions
IO: Input/Output
isa: Testing of Terms

kill_agent: TeleoR Specific Actions
kill_task: TeleoR Specific Actions

List comprehension expressions: List comprehension expressions
List Processing: List Processing
Lists: Lists

member: List Processing
Meta-calls: Simple Conditions for Rules and Relation Queries
mod: Arithmetic

Negated Predications: Simple Conditions for Rules and Relation Queries
not: Simple Conditions for Rules and Relation Queries
now: Other Functions
Numbers: Numbers

once: Simple Conditions for Rules and Relation Queries
Other Actions: Other Actions
Other Functions: Other Functions
Other Relations: Other Relations

Parameterised type expression: Type Definitions
pi_: Arithmetic
Predications: Simple Conditions for Rules and Relation Queries
Programs: Programs

random_int: Other Functions
random_num: Other Functions
readT: Input/Output
Relation Definitions: Relation Definitions
Relation type expression: Type Definitions
remember: Other Actions
rememberA: Other Actions
rememberA_for: Other Actions
remember_for: Other Actions
replace_by: Other Actions
reverse: List Processing
round: Arithmetic
Running Interpreter: Running the Interpreter

Sequence of discreet and durative actions: TR Program Definitions
Set comprehension expressions: Set comprehension expressions
Sets: Sets
Simple Conditions for Rules and Relation Queries: Simple Conditions for Rules and Relation Queries
sin: Arithmetic
size: Other Functions
sort: List Processing
sqrt: Arithmetic
Standard Operators: Standard Operators
start_agent: TeleoR Specific Actions
start_task: TeleoR Specific Actions
start_time: Other Functions
string2term: Other Relations
Strings: Strings
Syntax: Syntax

tan: Arithmetic
TeleoR Specific Actions: TeleoR Specific Actions
TeleoR type expression: Type Definitions
template: Testing of Terms
Terms: Terms
Testing Terms: Testing of Terms
thread_sleep: Other Actions
Timed sequence: TR Program Definitions
to: Other Actions
TR call: TR Program Definitions
TR Program Definitions: TR Program Definitions
true: Other Relations
type: Testing of Terms
Type Declarations: Type Declarations
Type Definitions: Type Definitions
Type union expression: Type Definitions

union: Other Functions

Variables: Variables

Wait repeat: TR Program Definitions
writeL: Input/Output
writeLine: Input/Output

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