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4.8 TeleoR Specific Actions

The following actions are available when the system is running in TeleoR mode (after the command teleor has been executed in the interpreter).


An interpreter command that can be used in teleor mode when an agent has been started using start_agent. Actions is a list of actions that agent wants the robotic interface to perform. The given actions must have been declared as discrete or durative.
actions : ([discrete || durative]) ~>>


Kill the current agent started using start_agent.
kill_agent : () ~>>


Kill the task with name Task started using start_task.
kill_task : (atom) ~>>

start_agent(Name, Handle, Convention)

Start a new agent whose name is Name. Handle is the message address of the robot interface or simulation with which the agent will interact. Convention is the percepts update convention being used. This is one of: all if the robot sends all the percepts each time it sends percepts; updates if the robot only sends changes to percepts; or user if the percept management is application specific in which case the action handle_percepts_ needs to be defined in the program.
start_agent : (atom, handle, atom) ~>>

start_task(Name, TRCall)

Start a new task (as a thread) whose name is Name. TRCall is the TeleoR call to be executed in the thread.
start_task : (atom, trcall) ~>>