Current Research Students

Scott Heath, Temporal Language for Mobile Robots (

TingTing (Amy) Gibson, Exploring and visualising the functional roles of interneurons

Completed Research Students

Christopher Nolan, Computational models of emotional learning (pdf)

Ruth Schultz, Evolving a Language Grounded in Perceptions, Local Views and Behaviours (pdf) (

Penny Drennan, User-Centred Design and Evaluation of Non-player Characters in Games (pdf)

Andrew Hockey, Computational modeling of language production: An analysis of fMRI data

Nic Geard, Artificial Ontogenies: A computational model of the control and evolution and evolution of development (pdf) (Google site)

James R. Watson, From Genotypes to Phenotypes and Back Again: modeling the interaction between individual behaviour and evolution (Leeds)
Software for genetic redistribution, artificial genome, genetic regulatory network, hyperplane animator, spin glass demo, interactive CA, etc

Daniel Johnson, Exploring Mindlessness as an Explanation for the Media Equation: Why and when people will treat computers as social actors (QUT)

Kai Willadsen, Robustness in Boolean models of Genetic Regulatory Systems (pdf) (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies)
Tutorial for ACCS Intro to Graph Theory in Complex Systems

Scott Bolland, FAE: The Fluid Analogies Engine - A Dynamic, Hybrid Model of Perception and Mental Deliberation (fae)(QUT)

Penny Sweetser, An Emergent Approach to Game Design, Development and Play (pdf) (QUT)

Ben Skellett, Ben internal (NkLandscapes)

Brad Tonkes, On the Origins of Linguistic Structure: Computational models of the evolution of language. Abstract gzipped PostScript PDF (pdf) (CSE UNSW)
Hyperspace graph paper (Software development team leader, trading tools at Optiver)

Michael Norris, Assessment and Extension of Wang's Oscillatory Model of Auditory Stream Segregation Computer Music Research

Raphael Brander, On Sparse Neural Network Representations: catastrophic interference, generalisation and combinatoriality

Jay Burmeister, Studies in Human and Computer Go: Assessing the Game of Go as a Research Domain for Cognitive Science. Go Papers

Hanna Majewski, A Study of Feature Binding in Artificial Neural Networks with Sigmoid and Complex Activation Functions

Paul E. Bakker, On the Implementation of Quasiregular Mappings by Feedforward Connectionist Networks (pdf) (Senior SAP Analyst at OSR)

Simon Dennis, The Integration of Learning into Models of Human Memory (Google scholar)

Steven A. Phillips, Connectionism and the Problem of Systematicity. (pdf) (AIST, Scholar)