Summer Research Projects for undergraduate students

Students must be enrolled at UQ; the program is full time for up to 10 weeks; starting after end of exams in November 2013.

Project 1. Bio-robotics

Prerequisite(s):Excellent programming skills (C++ or python); experience with ubuntu

Description: The iRat robot is a rat-sized robot with the abilities of a PC-on-wheels. It is used for a range of neuroscience studies interacting with real rats, and cognitive science studies evolving robot languages and interacting with people. This project involves development of new behaviours for the iRat, integrating sensors and motor control with cognitive skills like navigation.

Further information on the iRat

Project 2. Bio-inspired computation

Prerequisite(s):Neural networks; eg COMP3702; excellent mathematics and matlab

Description: Biological systems have provided inspiration for different forms of computing form neural networks to evolutionary computation. This project will involve developing new models of computation based on how the brain computes.

Project 3. Robot behaviours

Prerequisite(s): Excellent programming

Description: The iRat is a rat-sized robot adept at mapping using its visual sense. The aim of this project is to investigate the ability of the robot to create maps using its infra-red sensors.

UQ students can email to express interest in the projects. Send a current CV detailing your interests, relevant experience, courses completed, student number and GPA (pdf preferred).

Apply through the Summer Research Program