Towards Miss Universe Automatic Prediction: The Evening Gown Competition.

Video example of a catwalk in our dataset

An example from our dataset

Can we predict the winner of Miss Universe after watching how they strode down the catwalk during the evening gown competition?

Fashion gurus say they can! In our work, we study this question from the perspective of computer vision. In particular, we want to understand whether existing computer vision approaches can be used to automatically extract the qualities exhibited by the Miss Universe winners during their catwalk. This study could pave the way towards new vision based applications for the fashion industry. To this end, we propose a novel video dataset, called the Miss Universe dataset, comprising 10 years of the evening gown competition selected between 1996-2010. From our evaluation we found that although the addressed problems are extremely challenging, the proposed system is able to rank the winner in the top 3 best predicted scores for 5 out of 10 Miss Universe competitions.

Catwalk stages in our dataset


Dataset Information


-Evaluation Protocol

We use leave-one-year-out protocol as the evaluation protocol. In particular, for each training-est set, we consider all participants from one year as the testing and the rests as training. As the dataset covers ten years of Miss Universe videos, then there will be ten training-test sets. We use the Normalized Discount Cumulative Gain (NDCG) proposed to measure ranking list and the Kendall’s Kτ which measures the number C of concordant pairs and the number D of discordant pairs. See paper for details.


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J. Carvajal, A. Wiliem, C. Sanderson, and B. C. Lovell. "Towards Miss Universe Automatic Prediction: The Evening Gown Competition". International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). 2016

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J. Carvajal, A. Wiliem, C. Sanderson, and B. C. Lovell. "Towards Miss Universe Automatic Prediction: The Evening Gown Competition". International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR). 2016


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