Xue Li

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Dr Xue Li is honoured as one of "the most powerful people in Australia" on Big Data by the Financial Review - the Power Issue 2015

Dr Xue Li is a Professor in the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Dr Xue Li holds a Professor title in School of Medicine in Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

His major areas of research interests and expertise include: Health Data Analytics, Data Mining, Social Computing, and Intelligent Web Information Systems.

• PhD (Information Systems), Queensland University of Technology, 1997
• Msc (Computer Science), The University of Queensland, 1989
• BSc (Computer Science), Chongqing University, 1982
• Founder and Chair of Steering Committee of ADMA (International Conferences on Advanced Data Mining and Applications) since 2004, Published with Springer Germany.
• President of QCF (Queensland Chinese Forum) for joint of 22 Chinese Associations in Queensland 2010-2011.
• President of CCCPCC (Chinese Community Crime Prevention Consultative Committee) with Queensland Police Department, Queensland Government, 2010 – 2011.
• President and Board member of Miaomiao Chinese School (2004-2006, operating on 4 campuses with more than 1000 students learning Chinese Language in Brisbane).
• Editor on Board, (2004-2007) International Journal of Information Systems and Management & Technology, Elsevier.
• Program Committee Chair for the 12th AusDM conference in 2014 (the premier Australasian Data Mining Conference).
• Local Chair of 2015 ACM Multimedia International Conference (ERA A) Brisbane,
• Publicity Chair of REID 1999 International Conference (in conjunction to ICDE Data Engineering).
• Program (PC) Chairs for five international conferences (ADMA05, ADMA06, FSKD06, AIDM05, ICISW05).
• Expert Reviewer for Australian ARC Funding Applications (since 2001).
• Member of ACS (Australian Computer Society), IEEE, ACM.
• Professor in School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, at the University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane. Current
• Senior Lecturer in School of Information Systems, Technology and Management, at University of New South Wales, Sydney. 1998 – 2000
• Lecturer in School of Information Systems & School of Computing at Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point, Brisbane. 1990 – 1998


Dr Xue Li has taught courses on database systems, data mining, computer networks, cloud computing, discrete mathematics, computer architecture, and programming languages. The following are the recently teaching courses:

INFS3208 Cloud Computing (s2 yearly) (2018)
INFS4203 Data Mining (s2 yearly) (2002-2007, 2014)
CSSE3004 Advanced Information Technology Project (year long) (2007-2008)
CSSE3005 Advanced Information Technology Project (year long) (2007-2008, 2010-2012)
INFS2200 Relational Database Systems (2001 - 2005, 2008, 2010)
INFS1200 Introduction to Information Systems (2002-2003, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017)
INFS3200 Advanced Database Systems (2013)
INFS7410 Information Retrieval and Web Search (2013, 2014)
INFS3202 Web Information Systems (2014 ,2015, 2016)

Research Projects

Dr Xue Li is a chief investigator of Australian ARC Grants,

ARC Discovery Project (2018 - 2021): Development of New Aluminium Alloys through Big Data Analytics.
ARC Discovery Project (2016 - 2018): Opinion Analysis on Objects in Social Networks.
ARC Linkage Project (2017 - 2019): Fusion of Digital Microscopy and Plain Text Reports for Automated Analysis.
ARC Linkage Project (2015 - 2017): Interaction Mining for Cyberbullying Detection on Social Networks.
ARC LIEF Project (2018 - 2019): A Large-Scale Distributed Experimental Facility for the Internet of Things
ARC Discovery Project (2014 – 2016): Effective Recommendations based on Multi-Source Data.
ARC Discovery Project (2013 - 2015): Learning Human Activities through Low Cost, Unobtrusive RFID Technology.
ARC Discovery Project (2005 - 2007): Mining Distributed High-Speed Time-Variant Data Streams.
The University of Queensland, Vice Chancellor Strategic Funding (2016 - 2017, $400K): A Big Data Showcase - Social Media Analysis for Public Well-Being (Health and Security).
The University of Queensland, Vice Chancellor Strategic Funding (2015 - 2016, $200K): UQ Image.
The University of Queensland, Teaching and Learning Project (2011-2012): Cloud Computing Infrastructure.

Supervised Project

He has also supervised numerous honours and postgraduates projects.

Joint Project
Name Partner
Image Processing for the Traffic Management Industrial Project with Canal Pty Ltd and CQU
Student Project
Name Status
Achieving Concurrency Control in Workflow Management Systems Honour Project (done)
Data Management of Virtual Enterprises: Cross-Organisational Workflow Honour Project (done)
Web-Enabled Academic Advisor System 4th-year Project (done)
Interface Agents for Commercial Web Site Assessment 4th year Project (done)
VPN-Based GVMS 4th year Project (done)
Synchronisation of Web Camera with Multimedia Databases 4th year Project (done)
Intelligent Business Portals: Applicability in e-Business MITSt Project (done)
Interface Agents for Database Performance Tuning MITSt Project (done)
Internet Multilingual Processor 4th and MITSt year Project (done)
Constraint Programming in Web Services
Collaborative Filtering on Evolving Data Streams Masters Project (done)