DICTA '95 Conference Schedule

DICTA95 Conference Schedule

Opening and Keynote Address                        

 Date:6/12/95         Time: 9:00 am to 10:15 am   
     Control For and By Computer Vision                                            
                                  Brown, Chris           

Computer Vision and Object Recognition I           

 Date:6/12/95         Time: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm  
     3D Symmetry Detection Using Extended Gaussian Image                           
                                  Sun, Changming         
                                  Sherrah, Jamie         
     Analysis of 3D-Volume Data Using 2nd Derivatives                              
                                  Danielsson, Per-Erik   
     Compound Stereo Image Disparity Technique                                     
                                  Jones, Martin          
                                  Maeder, Anthony        
     Computation of Slope Districts on Digital Images                              
                                  Chinveeraphan, Supoj   
                                  Takamatsu, Ryo         
                                  Sato, Makoto           
     Generation of Stereo Pairs Using Psychological Cues                           
                                  Walker, Lloyd          
                                  Pham, Binh             

Medical Imaging I                                  

 Date:6/12/95         Time: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm  
     Bone Age Determination Using Techniques of Mathematical Morphology            
                                  McLean, Steven         
                                  Thomas, David          
                                  Hulskamp, John         
                                  Clement, John          
     Digital Image Analysis in the Tumor Prognostic Systems                        
                                  Komitowski, Dymitr     
     Image Reconstruction Errors in Computed Tomography                            
                                  Wells, Peter           
                                  Crammond, Andrew       
                                  Fillingham, Neil       
     Imaging of Osteoporotic Bone with Monochromatic Microtomography               
                                  Kirby, Brendan         
                                  Davis, John            
                                  Grant, Jason           
     Parallel 2-D Baloons for 3-D Boundary Extraction from Tomographic Data        
                                  Ho, Chi-Kin            
                                  Chung, Ronald          
     Scale-Space Texture Analysis                                                  
                                  Bradley, Andrew        
                                  Jackway, Paul          
                                  Lovell, Brian          
                                                                         Conference Schedule

Software and Hardware Tools I                      

 Date:6/12/95         Time: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm  
     A Novel Wavelet Toolbox with Optimal Vector Quantizer                         
                                  Shnaider, Mikhail      
                                  Paplinski, Andrew      
     A Proposed Method of Standardising Spectral Signature Libraries for Multi-Spectral Satellite 
                                  Wilson, Paul           
     Clustering-Based Colour Image Segmentation: An Evaluation Study               
                                  Ray, Siddheswar        
                                  Turi, Rose             
                                  Tischer, Peter         
     Customised Colour Image Compositing                                           
                                  Pham, Binh             
     Fast Image Operation in Orthogonal and Overcomplete Wavelet Spaces            
                                  Dorrell, Andrew        
                                  Lowe, David            
     Linear Feature Extraction in Geoscientific Data                               
                                  Fitton, Nicholas       
                                  Cox, Simon             

Enhancement and Restoration I                      

 Date:6/12/95         Time: 2:00 pm to 3:20 pm    
     How many and Where are They? A Bootstrap-Based Segmentation strategy for Estimating 
                                  Bunt, Mark             
                                  Koch, Inge             
                                  Pope, Alun             
     Stereolithography from Tomographic Scanning of Extinct Animals                
                                  Wells, Peter           
                                  Skerrett, David        
                                  Anderson, Marian       

Image Coding I                                     

 Date:6/12/95         Time: 2:00 pm to 3:20 pm    
     Image Adaptive Vector Quantisation Based on Visual Peception                  
                                  Shanbehzadeh, J        
                                  Ogunbona, Philip       
     Probability Constrained Vector Quantization for Low Bit Rate Image Coding     
                                  Shanbehzadeh, J        
                                  Ogunbona, Philip       
     Symmetry-Folded Classified VQ                                                 
                                  Chee, Kheong           
                                  Edgar, Harry           
     Transform Vector Quantization with Training Set Synthesis                     
                                  Comanciu, Dorin        
                                  Grisel, Richard        
                                                                         Conference Schedule

Industrial Applications I                          

 Date:6/12/95         Time: 2:00 pm to 3:20 pm    
     A Computational Model of Liquid Flow in Paper                                 
                                  Peachey, T             
                                  McAndrew, A            
                                  Osborne, Charles       
                                  Parker, I              
     A Graph-Based Segmentation of Eucalypt Pulpwood Images                        
                                  Jones, Ronald          
     Multiradar Track Fusion Using the Hough Transform                             
                                  Mohandes, M            
                                  Bogner, Robert         
                                  Bouzerdoum, Abdesselam 
                                  Pope, Kenneth          


 Date:6/12/95         Time: 3:40 pm to 5:00 pm    
     A Construction Method of the 3-Dimensional Finite Elements Using Multistep Optimal Matching 
                                  Lee, Hyung-Woo         
                                  Kim, Tai-Yun           
     A New Approach to Pattern Classification: Cooperation Between Constrained Associative Network
                                  Wang, Hui              
                                  Bell, David            
                                  Ojha, Piyush           
     Accelerated Multi-Frame Projection Based Blind Deconvolution                  
                                  Law, Bonnie            
                                  Nguyen, D              
     Breast Cancer Detection by Texture Discrimination                             
                                  Benke, K               
                                  Hedger, D              
     Comparison of Three Signatures and Their Application in Image Matching        
                                  Lee, Hyung-Woo         
                                  Jin, Jesse             
     Cross Using of Lattices in Averaging Approximation for Image Processing       
                                  Tkacheva, Olga         
                                  Kadyrov, Alexander     
     Fast Computation of Moving Average Filters in Polygonal Windows               
                                  Glasbey, Chris         
                                  Jones, Ronald          
     Grey-Based Relaxation for Image Matching                                      
                                  Wu, Xiaoliang          
     Image Authentication Extension for Lossy JPEG                                 
                                  Lim, J                 
                                  Maeder, Anthony        
     Implementation of a Codec for Transmission of Medical Images over the Public Telephone 
                                  Wong, Kim              
                                  Chandran, Vinod        
     Metrics for Texture Classification Algorithms                                 
                                  Smith, Guy             
                                  Lovell, Brian          
                                                                         Conference Schedule

     Motion Segmentation of Colour Images                                          
                                  Trajkovic, Miroslav    
                                  Hedley, Mark           
     Scaled Gradient Watersheds and Cell Feature Extraction                        
                                  Jackway, Paul          
                                  Walker, Ross           
     Surface Extraction from 3D Images via Local Energy and Ridge Tracing          
                                  Robins, Michael        
                                  Pudney, Chris          
     Wavelet Transform, Attributed Graphs and Polyhedral Object Recognition        
                                  Tieng, Quang           
                                  Boles, Wageeh          
                                  Deriche, M             
     Wavelet-Based Approaches for Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding                   
                                  Hack, Brendan          
                                  Shi, Hao               

                                                                         Conference Schedule

Computer Vision and Object Recognition II          

 Date:7/12/95         Time: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm  
     A Fuzzy Neural Technique for Object Recognition                               
                                  Im, Paul               
     Match Metrics for Recognition and Verification                                
                                  West, Geoff            
     Object Matching Across Two Views Using Approximate Geometric Constraints      
                                  Chung, Ronald          
                                  Wong, Hau-San          
     On the Performance of Hough and Wavelet Transform Algorithms for Object Recognition
                                  Boles, Wageeh          
                                  Riyat, Rajinder        
                                  Tieng, Quang           
     Region Matching Using Dynamic Programming in Stereo                           
                                  Hwang, Jau-Shuenn      
                                  Fuh, Chiou-Shann       
     Trispectral Features for Object Recognition in the Presence of Additive Gaussian Noise
                                  Carswell, Brett        
                                  Chandran, Vinod        

Medical Imaging II                                 

 Date:7/12/95         Time: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm  
     Cervical Cell Classification via Co-occurence and Markov Random Field Features
                                  Walker, Ross           
                                  Jackway, Paul          
                                  Lovell, Brian          
     Knowledge-Based Image Segmentation of Chest X-Rays                            
                                  Brown, M               
                                  Wilson, L              
                                  Gill, R                
                                  Vuwong, V              
                                  Doust, B               
     Medical Imaging: A Segmentation Algorithm                                     
                                  Vitulano, Sergio       
     On the Automation of Pap Smear Analysis                                       
                                  Lovell, Brian          
                                  Jackway, Paul          
                                  Longstaff, Dennis      
     Semi-Automatic Segmentation of Anatomical Objects in MR Images Using Snake    
                                  Ho, Bruce              
                                  Chen, Zheng            
                                  Ma, Marco              

Software and Hardware Tools II                     

 Date:7/12/95         Time: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm  
     Custom Computing Techniques for Image Processing                              
                                  Bergman, Neil          
     Fast Algorithms for Correlation-Relaxation Technique to Determine Cloud Motion Fields
                                  Wu, Qing               
     Image Correlation from Local Frequency Information                            
                                  Kovesi, Peter          
                                                                         Conference Schedule

     Improving LoG Filtering Using Third-Order Recursive Filters                   
                                  Gao, Yan               
                                  Jin, Jesse             
     Modified Hierarchical Adaptive Pixel Matching Algorithm                       
                                  Thorpe, Glen           
                                  Fraser, Donald         
                                  Lambert, Andrew        
     Optical Image Processing Using Liquid Crystal Displays                        
                                  Lambert, Andrew        
                                  Cochrane, Geoffrey     
                                  Fraser, Donald         

Enhancement and Restoration II                     

 Date:7/12/95         Time: 2:00 pm to 3:20 pm    
     A Maximum Likelihood-Based Approach to Filtering Images from Coherent Sources 
                                  Evans, Adrian          
     Least Square Eigenspace Reconstruction from Wavelet Transform Modulus Maxima  
                                  Liew, Alan             
                                  Nguyen, K              
     Signal Extraction and Emphasis by Discrimative Averaging                      
                                  Sekita, Iwao           
                                  Otsu, Nobuyuki         
                                  Kiryu, Syogo           
                                  Kasai, Naoko           

Image Coding II                                    

 Date:7/12/95         Time: 2:00 pm to 3:20 pm    
     A Two-Dimensional Digital Watermark                                           
                                  Tirkel, A              
                                  van Schyndel, R        
                                  Osborne, Charles       
     Adaptive Spatial/Temporal Coding for Image Sequence Compression               
                                  Truong, Peter          
                                  Ho, Stephen            
     Image Compression by Improved Block Truncation Coding                         
                                  Wang, Jidong           
                                  Pleasants, Ann         
                                  Liu, F                 
     Minimal Message Length Thresholding                                           
                                  Tischer, Peter         
                                  Ray, Siddheswar        
                                  Turi, Rose             

Industrial Applications II                         

 Date:7/12/95         Time: 2:00 pm to 3:20 pm    
     Ergodicity: The Challenge of Sampling for Automated Microscopy in the Minerals Industry
                                  Jenkins, Barry         
                                  Zhu, R                 
                                  Esterle, J             
                                                                         Conference Schedule

     Internal Scanning of Logs for Grade Evaluation and Defect Location            
                                  Svalbe, Imants         
                                  Som, Seu               
                                  Davis, John            
                                  Grant, Jason           
                                  Tsui, Ken              
                                  Wells, Peter           


 Date:7/12/95         Time: 3:40 pm to 5:00 pm    
     An Automatic Target Recognition System Using the Imputer                      
                                  Bennamoun, M           
                                  Boashash, B            
                                  Yulizar, Yunaldi       
                                  Yeung, Kwok            
     Brown Coal Lithotyping via HSI Imaging                                        
                                  Spriggs, Ken           
                                  Vains, Geoff           
     Detection of Malignancy Associated Changes in Thionin Stained Cervical Cells  
                                  Hallinan, Jennifer     
                                  Jackway, Paul          
     DSP Microcomputer Implementation of Image Data Compression                    
                                  Shi, Xuehua            
                                  Altoveros, N           
                                  Waller, J              
     Extracting Complex Tissues of MRI Brain Images Using Conjugate transformation 
                                  Zheng, Z               
                                  Pantelis, C            
                                  Leung, C               
                                  Wong, M                
                                  Velakoulis, D          
     Feature Perception in SONAR Displays: A Statistical Approach to Contrast and Brightness 
                                  Benke, K               
                                  Hedger, D              
     Features of Segmentation in Connected Handwritten Words Using Fuzzy Clustering
                                  Eastwood, Brett        
                                  Jennings, Andrew       
     Fusion of Electron Microscope and Light Microscope Images for Mineral Processing Applications
                                  Jenkins, Barry         
                                  Gottlieb, Paul         
     Image Registration for Interferometric SAR via Subtraction Image Methods      
                                  Homer, John            
                                  Buddis, G              
                                  Longstaff, Dennis      
                                  Lovell, Brian          
     Implementation of a Survey Form Marking System using Image Processing Techniques on an 
                                  Yulizar, Yunaldi       
                                  Yeung, Kwok            
                                  Mattabadal, Vikash     
                                  Chandran, Vinod        
     Leather Defects Contour Extraction and Representation Techniques for Nesting and Grading 
                                  Jiang, Xiao            
                                  Nachimuthu, Anantharaj 
                                                                         Conference Schedule

     Leather Surface Inspection Using Clustering Criteria                          
                                  Wen, Wei               
                                  Hoang, Khoi            
     OCR System Performance Optimisation in a High Volume Commercial Environment   
                                  Griffin, Brian         
                                  Spriggs, Ken           
                                  Ibrahim, Yousef        
                                  Vains, Geoff           
     Predicting Ball Trajectories in Uncontrolled Environments                     
                                  Hosie, Robin           
                                  West, Geoff            
     Rotation Invariant Face Recognition by Symmetry Detection Using Attributed Graph Matching
                                  Mirhosseini, Ali Reza  
                                  Yan, Hong              
     Segmentation of Opacification of Posterior Capsule Images                     
                                  Paplinski, Andrew      
                                  Boyce, James           
     SIMECT - An Image Simulation Package for Research and Improvement of Emission Computed 
                                  Tan, Karen             
                                  di Bona, R             
                                  Feng, Dagan            
                                  Hutton, B              
     The Determination of Fibre Orientation in Paper Using Confocal Microscopy and Image Analysis
                                  Xu, Li                 
                                  Osborne, Charles       
                                  Parker, I              

                                                                         Conference Schedule


 Date:8/12/95         Time: 9:00 am to 10:15 am   
     Visual Information Management                                                 
                                  Jain, Ramesh           

Computer Vision and Object Recognition III         

 Date:8/12/95         Time: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm  
     A Hough-Like Approach for Ellipse Detection using Connective Constraints      
                                  Lam, Wilson            
                                  Yuen, Kelvin           
     A New Approach for Model-Based Recognition Using Colour Regions               
                                  Gohlke, Mario          
     Graph Index Representation of 2D Thinned Images for Image Retrieval           
                                  Zheng, Z               
                                  Leung, C               
     Loci Features for Binary Pattern Recognition                                  
                                  Cohen, Harvey          
                                  Chan, Qin              
     Texture Synthesis via a Nonparametric Markov Random Field                     
                                  Paget, Rupert          
                                  Longstaff, Dennis      
     Using Binary Features in Texture Classification                               
                                  Smith, Guy             
                                  Longstaff, Dennis      

Image Coding III                                   

 Date:8/12/95         Time: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm  
     3D Scene Reconstruction from Short Image Sequences                            
                                  Ardizzone, Edoardo     
                                  Molinelli, Davide      
                                  Valenti, G             
     Detecting Transportation Networks in Sequences of Airport Aerial Images       
                                  Sarantis, D            
                                  Xydeas, C              
                                  Bryson, N              
     Enhanced Geometric Scaling of Digital Raster Maps                             
                                  Moore, Kevin           
                                  Vezina, Guy            
     Motion Compensation: Block Matching Algorithms                                
                                  Teixeira, Luis         
                                  Alves, Artur           
     Objective Evaluation of Edge Detector Performance                             
                                  Khvorostov, Paul       
                                  Braun, Michael         
                                  Poon, Colin            
                                                                         Conference Schedule

Industrial Applications III                        

 Date:8/12/95         Time: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm  
     A Mixture Model Approach to Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images         
                                  Ng, S                  
                                  McLachlan, Geoff       
                                  Galloway, G            
     A Reconstruction Strategy Suited to X-Ray Diffraction Tomography              
                                  Grant, Jason           
                                  Morgan, Michael        
     Obtaining a Solid Model of Minerals from Optical Serial Sections              
                                  Jenkins, Barry         
                                  Kravis, Simon          
     Shape Characterization of Particles in Digital Images                         
                                  Maeder, Anthony        
                                  Jenkins, Barry         
     The Application of Texture-Based Image Analysis Techniques in Froth Flotation 
                                  Nguyen, K              
                                  Thornton, A            
     The Estimation of Particle Volume Distribution from Particle Sections         
                                  Gay, Stephen           

Machine Learning                                   

 Date:8/12/95         Time: 2:00 pm to 3:20 pm    
     Designing and Learning Feedforward Neural Networks Using a Structure Evolution Rule
                                  Takahashi, Hiroki      
                                  Nakajima, Masayuki     
     Document Zone Classification Using Machine Learning                           
                                  Inglis, Stuart         
                                  Witten, Ian            
     Edge Detection Using a Shunting Inhibitory Cellular Neural Network            
                                  Pontecorvo, Carmine    
                                  Bouzerdoum, Abdesselam 
     Improving Co-Occurence Matrix Feature Discrimination                          
                                  Walker, Ross           
                                  Jackway, Paul          
                                  Longstaff, Dennis      


 Date:8/12/95         Time: 2:00 pm to 3:20 pm    
     A Fast Method for Detecting and Matching Linear Features in Images            
                                  Lee, Thomas            
                                  Talbot, Hughes         
     Attribute-Based Morphology                                                    
                                  Breen, Edmond          
                                  Jones, Ronald          
     Noise Reduction in Synthetic Aperture Radar Using a Morphology-Based Nonlinear Filter
                                  Schulze, Mark          
                                  Wu, Qing               
                                                                         Conference Schedule


 Date:8/12/95         Time: 2:00 pm to 3:20 pm    
     Applications of Real-Time Machine Vision to the Control of Mining Equipment   
                                  Corke, Peter           
                                  Roberts, Jonathan      
                                  Winstanley, Graeme     
     Consistent Optical Flow                                                       
                                  Bainbridge-Smith, A    
                                  Lane, Richard          
     Mobile Robot Navigation Using Passive Beacons and Active Sensors              
                                  Ellepola, Rajiv        
                                  Kovesi, Peter          
                                  Wessen, Ken            
     Object Tracking System Based on Local Moment and Alternative Models           
                                  Takamatsu, Ryo         
                                  Sato, Makoto           
                                  Nara, Yutaka           
                                  Kawarada, Hiroshi      

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