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2 Running Pedro

Pedro is a daemon and is started using the following command.

pedro [OPTIONS..]

Using the help option -? produces the following output.

  pedro [OPTION...] 

Help Options:
  -?, --help                Show help options

Application Options:
  --version                 Show version
  -P, --Port=p              Use port p for connecting (default 4550)
  -S, --Size                The size for various areas (default 1024)
  -L, --Logfile=logfile     Use logfile for logging
  -A, --Admin=admin_machine Use admin_machine for receiving all messages

If no log file is supplied then /dev/null is used. If stdout is used for the log file then Pedro will not be a daemon and the log information will be written to standard output.

If an admin machine is supplied then a process registering the name 'admin' on that machine will receive all message including peer-to-peer messages between other processes.

Otherwise the supplied log file must be writable by the caller.