Praise for the first edition: "You'll remember this book. Full of superb information and practicalstrategies to make the most of your memory." Dr Norman Swan

The Memory book:
Everyday habits for a healthy memory

Second Edition
Judith Wiles & Janet Wiles

As we age, it can become harder to retain the everyday pieces of information that make life liveable. The Memory Book offers practical strategies for overcoming forgetfulness and dispels common concerns about memory lapses and memory loss.

This indispensable book is based on a survey of people's concerns that shows if you forget names and things you meant to do, you are in good company! It examines how memory works and why it sometimes lets us down, and gives a fascinating insight into how our brains turn thoughts into memories.

The Memory Book is packed with tips and techniques to ensure that we continue to manage our memory well and stay fresh and alert. It is the ideal book for anyone who would like to have a better memory.

Available in the UK from and in Australia from ABC online, ABC Shops or order by phone 1300 360 111 (ISBN 0-7333-1169-5). Now also available in India, Korea and Russia.

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