Special Topics Course on Bio-inspired computation
Summer Semester, 2013
To enrol, use a special topics code:
comp4002 (undergrad) and comp7007 (postgrad)

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Draft Schedule



· Lectures start Wed 27th November, 2-4pm

o Week 1: AEB 47-502

o Week 2 (4th Dec): 78-420.

o Weeks 3-7: AEB 47-502

  • To enrol in this course, email the coordinator for permission.
  • Last date for enrolment is 25th November

Teaching Staff

Coordinator: Professor Janet Wiles
Office: 47-306
Email: j.wiles at uq.edu.au
Consultation Time: Wed 4-5pm

About the course

The course is about bio-inspired computation, with a focus on spiking neural networks. It will take a complex systems approach to investigating models of single neurons; small-scale circuits; large-scale neural ensembles; and functional models of neural systems.

The format will be a series of readings and online resources, with weekly lectures/meetings to discuss models. Students will be expected to read independently, find resources, develop simulations, and complete an independent project (GPA > 5.5 strongly recommended).

The assessment involves individual structured projects.

Assumed background

Programming (either matlab or python) for project work;

Some background in maths, including matrices, linear algebra and calculus;

No background in neuroscience is needed;

Suitable background would be Artificial Intelligence (Comp3702/7702).

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