Who owns the zebrafish?

Seasons’ Greetings 2013


are five
offices along

a corridor. The

American collects beetles.

The engineer has drosophila.

The Korean is a mathematician.

The Brazilian eats milk chocolate.

The Chinese works in the first office.

White chocolate is eaten in the middle office.

The Australian works in the office with the red door.

The Chinese works next to the office with the blue door.

Mint chocolate is eaten in the office with the green door.

The green door is immediately to the right of the orange door.

The computer scientist works in the office with the yellow door.

The roboticist works in an office next to the person with the mouse.

The person who works in artificial intelligence eats chocolate coffee beans.

The computer scientist works next to the office where the slime mould is kept.

Now, who eats
dark chocolate?

Who owns the zebrafish?

Note that each of the five office doors is painted a different colour, each worker has a different research area, nationality, biological species, and likes a different kind of chocolate. Facing the offices, the ‘first’ office is on your far left and ‘right’ means your right.

Adapted by J Wiles and the Complex and Intelligent Systems Group, UQ, from “Who owns the Zebra?” published in Life International, December 17, 1962. The nationalities are those of students in the lab working on bio-inspired computation projects this summer. All other similarities to real people are accidental.