Kirsten Winter, Thomas Santen, Maritta Heisel:
An Agenda for Specifying Software Components
with Complex Data Models.


We present a method to specify software for a special kind of safety-critical embedded systems, where sensors deliver low-level values that must be abstracted and pre-processed to express functional and safety requirements adequately. These systems are characterized by a reference architecture. The method is expressed as an agenda, which is a list of activities to be performed for setting up the software specification, complemented by validation conditions that help detect and correct errors. The specification language we use is a combination of the formal notation Z and the diagrammatic notation statecharts. Our approach not only provides detailed guidance to specifiers, but it is also part of a more general engineering concept for engineering safety-critical embedded systems that was developed in the ESPRESS project, a joint project of academia and industry.

compressed postscript

Kirsten Winter