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Pedro is a subscription/notification communications system that also provides support for peer-to-peer communication. It can provide high-level communications support for agents. Pedro is based on Prolog technology - notifications are Prolog terms and subscriptions consists of a Prolog term (head) and a Prolog goal (body). A notification matches a subscription if the notification term unifies with the subscription head and the subscription body succeeds.

Peer-to-peer communication is achieved by providing a special restricted form of subscription containing an address as part of the subscription head.



New Release: Pedro 1.14 Date: 27/10/23
  • fix for problem calculating IP address of host

Download Pedro 1.14: Pedro 1.14 (1Mbytes)
Download Pedro 1.14 setup.exe to install in Windows: pedro1.14_setup.exe
New Release: Pedro 1.13 Date: 25/04/23
  • add patch suggested by Gentoo folk

Download Pedro 1.13: Pedro 1.13 (1Mbytes)
Download Pedro 1.13 setup.exe to install in Windows: pedro1.13_setup.exe
Release: Pedro 1.12 Date: 17/09/20
  • allow zero arity compounds in c_api

Download Pedro 1.12: Pedro 1.12 (1Mbytes)
Download Pedro 1.12 setup.exe to install in Windows: pedro1.12_setup.exe
Release: Pedro 1.11 Date: 02/09/20
  • fix bug with notifications containing variables

Download Pedro 1.11: Pedro 1.11 (1Mbytes)
Download Pedro 1.11 setup.exe to install in Windows: pedro1.11_setup.exe
Release: Pedro 1.10 Date: 30/06/20
  • allow zero arity compound terms in messages and subscriptions

Download Pedro 1.10: Pedro 1.10 (1Mbytes)
Download Pedro 1.10 setup.exe to install in Windows: pedro1.10_setup.exe
Release: Pedro 1.9 Date: 08/03/19
  • Fix 32bit and Windows issues

Download Pedro 1.9: Pedro 1.9 (1Mbytes)
Download Pedro 1.9 setup.exe to install in Windows: pedro1.9_setup.exe
Release: Pedro 1.8 Date: 26/02/15
  • Fix TCP_NODELAY problem

Download Pedro 1.8: Pedro 1.8 (1Mbytes)
Release: Pedro 1.7 Date: 23/11/14

Download Pedro 1.7: Pedro 1.7 (1Mbytes)

Release: Pedro 1.6 Date: 23/08/11
New features:
  • Better handles change of IP address for running server as network connections change.
  • C-API that does not require glib + examples using this API

Download Pedro 1.6: Pedro 1.6 (1Mbytes)
Download Pedro 1.6 setup.exe to install in Windows: pedro1.6_setup.exe
Release: Pedro 1.5 Date: 15/06/10
New features:
  • New connection protocol

Download Pedro 1.5: Pedro 1.5 (1Mbytes)
Download Pedro 1.5 setup.exe to install in Windows: pedro1.5_setup.exe
Release: Pedro 1.4
New features:
  • Port to 64bit

Download Pedro 1.4: Pedro 1.4 (1Mbytes)
Download Pedro 1.4 setup.exe to install in Windows: pedro1.4_setup.exe
Release: Pedro 1.3
New features:
  • Check p2p sender address against sender
  • Admin mode added

Download Pedro 1.3: Pedro 1.3 (1Mbytes)
Download Pedro 1.3 setup.exe to install in Windows: pedro1.3_setup.exe
Release: Pedro 1.2
New features:
  • Minor improvements

Download Pedro 1.2: Pedro 1.2 (1Mbytes)
Release: Pedro 1.1
New features:
  • Add server data event mamagement to Java API
  • Add simple Java GUI client

Download Pedro 1.1: Pedro 1.1 (1Mbytes)
Release: Pedro 1.0
New features:
  • Out of trail bug fixed

Download Pedro 1.0: Pedro 1.0 (1Mbytes)
For more information about Pedro, contact the Peter Robinson at:

Feedback on any aspect is also welcome.