Research Students

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Completed RHD Supervision by Prof Tapan Saha


1. Dr Raj Jadav

2. Dr Kazi Hasan, University of Manchester, UK

3. Dr Wan-Fu (Robert) Chang, Powerlink, Brisbane, Australia

4. Dr Tareq Aziz, Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, Bangladesh

5. Dr Nilesh Modi, AEMO, Brisbane, Australia (recipient of the 2013 Dean’s Award for Research Higher Degree Excellence)

6. Nappu, Muhammad Bachtiar, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

7. Dr Mai Nguyen, Power University, Vietnam

8. Dr Ruifeng Yan, The University of Queensland (recipient of the 2012 Dean’s Award for Research Higher Degree Excellence)

9. Dr Sudarshan Dahal, Powerlink, Brisbane, Australia

10. Dr Carla Ziser, Stanwell Corporation, Queensland

11. Dr Kin Onn Wong, AEMO, Brisbane, Australia

12. Dr Jing Haur Yew, SPI Ausnet, Melbourne, Australia

13. Dr Miao Lu,AEMO, Brisbane, Australia

14. Dr. Goh Sheng How,AEMO, Brisbane, Australia

15. Dr Andrew Thomas, Ergon Energy, Maryborough, Queensland

16. Dr Tika Ram Limbu, Asian Development Bank, Nepal

17. Dr Valerie Lim, AEMO, Brisbane, Australia

18. Dr Damien Sansom,Private Consultant, Western Australia

19. Dr John McDonald,Electricity de France (EDF), Paris, France

20. Dr. Craig Aumuller, SKM, Brisbane, Australia

21. Dr John Edward,QUT, Brisbane, Australia

22. Dr Karl Mardira, MISI Consulting, Brisbane, Australia

23. Dr Zheng Tong Yao, Private consultant, Brisbane, Australia

24. Dr Justin Bray, Industry, ACT, Australia

25. Dr Matthew Greaves, Hydrexia, Brisbane, Australia

Completed Supervision: MPhil & MEngSc

1. Atefeh Dehghani Ashkezari,

2. Mr. Victer Chin, Mining Industry, WA

3. Nappu, Muhammad Bachtiar Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

4. Mr Alok Thapar,Tenova TAKRAF, Brisbane

5. Damien Sansom, Private consultant, WA

6. Yao, Zheng Tong, Private consultant, Brisbane

Current Supervision as Principal Adviser


  • Yi Cui

Predictive learning and information fusion for power transformer condition assessment.

  • Mr Asif Islam

On-line condition monitoring of power transformers

  • Nahid Al-Masood

Investigation of stability and reliability of power systems due to the integration of small scale renewable energy sources into electricity distribution networks

  • Mehdi Mosadeghy

An investigation of the impacts of increased power supply to the national grid by wind generators on the Australian electricity industry

Doctor Philosophy — Joint Principal Advisor

  • Junhyuck Seo

Power transformers with intelligent monitoring, diagnostic and life management systems.

  • Yu Zhao

A study on the effects of fault current limiter on the power system stability based on a new generation technology.

  • Jeffrey Chan

Advanced condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of energy systems in noisy environment using integrated approach.

  • Nadali Mahmoudi

Development for a decision making framework for an electricity retailer focusing on demand side options

· Annapoorna Chidurala

Integration of photo voltaic power into distribution grid and power quality challenges

  • Mohd Fairouz

Enhancement of power transformer diagnosis techniques

  • Shohana Deeba

Optimal location of distributed generators and storage devices to improve power system stability and voltage control in the electricity distribution network

  • Shane Goodwin

Distributed control of power systems using biologically inspired multi-agent control systems

  • Juliana Nunes

Proposals of incentives for wind power energy through public policy and mathematic modelling

Doctor Philosophy — Principal Advisor

Associate Adviser:

  • Jalil Yaghoobi

Stability analysis of solar PV integration into the distribution grid

  • Saeid Veysi Raygani

Study on power quality and system stability of a large-scale photovoltaic penetration

  • Kapila Kahawaththa Mudiyanselage

Transformer Condition Assessment with Biodegradable Oil


Subhashish Bhattacharya :Investigating problems in power system protection and stability arising out of two way power flow between the power grid and solar photovoltaic energ

  • Avinesh Naidu:

Performance and reliability of the photovoltaic grid-connect micro-inverter in comparison with string-inverter in Australia

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