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Here are some images of Vicki, the twins, Adeleine and Quetta, and Tess. There are also assorted ancient photos of my parents, my brothers, and my maternal great grandfather's brother that I happened to scan in one day.

Vicki Lovell

Clinical neonatal intensive-care nurse at the Mater Mothers Hospital, South Brisbane.

Active scuba diver with the University Underwater Club until the arrival of the twins.

For anyone who is wondering about the name "Quetta," it is the name of a famous shipwreck off Thursday Island. The Quetta sank just before the First World War and 360 people drowned. In fact you can buy a book called "Quetta: Queensland's Worst Disaster" which describes the events (available from BOATBOOKS Brisbane). Quetta is also the name of Vicki's Aunt.

Adeleine is just a name we liked which is similar to my mother's middle name "Adela".

Adeleine (left) and Quetta. Born 31st of October, 1994 (Halloween).

Photo taken at six months.

Here is a more recent shot taken at 2 years.

This is another shot of Quetta (left) and Adeleine taken at 7 months.

Tess Lovell

Born on the 29th of August 1996, weight 4.65 Kg.

Parents, Ross and Jean Lovell, Wedding Photos.

Lovell Brothers

That's me at the bottom circa 1963. I said they were ancient photos.

Great Grandfather's Brother, H. C. A. Harrison

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