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Research Interests

Signal and image processing, real-time image sequence analysis, intelligent CCTV surveillance, robust face recognition, gesture recognition, signal and image analysis, multiview and stereo reconstruction, machine learning, classification, computer networks, support vector machines, hidden Markov Models, spatio-temporal pattern recognition, markov random fields.


Please do not write to me asking me to fund internships. We occasionally take on self-funded internships from excellent institutions, but this generally requires a personal relationship with an researcher or an Institutional MOU. Your emails will not be answered if you request funds for internships, and you will be added to my spam list, barring you from future communication.

Research Supervision

I supervise several PhD candidates in my Security and Surveillance Group. They all work on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition related themes and we primarily target the top international conferences (e.g. CVPR, ICCV, ECCV) and top journals (e.g. PAMI and PR).  Our group has travel funds so students with accepted papers can attend major international conferences in the field.

If you have the best grades from a top university then you may be considered for a PhD in our group. There are full tuition and living allowance scholarships available at the University of Queensland, but only for truly outstanding students. In order to apply please send me (a) your CV, (b) transcripts of your grades, (c) copies of papers you have published, and (d) the name of two referees.

Advanced Surveillance Group

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