Welcome to ANZIIS 2003!

This year marks the tenth anniversary of ANZIIS and represents a significant milestone for the fledgling conference of 1993 in Perth, Australia. ANZIIS owes its existence to Professor Yianni Attikouzel who, through his dedication and inspiration, brought ANZIIS to life. ANZIIS has since been hosted in Dunedin (New Zealand), Brisbane, Adelaide and three times back in its birthplace of Perth. This brings us to this eighth Australian and New Zealand Conference on Intelligent Information Systems being held at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

This year, we seized upon the opportunity to co-host ANZIIS with DICTA which has given a rich blend of technical topics. We are also pleased to include MEDSIP papers which embed the strong medical theme synonymous with previous ANZIIS conferences.

The organizing committee is delighted with the number of quality paper submissions, the relevance of the papers with the themed technical topics, and the number of delegates in a climate of reduced conference participation given recent global events.

We are fortunate to have Professor Yianni Attikouzel delivering the conference dinner speech. I am sure he will live up to his infamous style of humorous anecdotes threaded within topical research activities and trends. We are also fortunate to have Professor Tony Constantinides, Imperial College, London, delivering his keynote talk, Hilbert, Poisson and other Relationships and we look forward to attaining greater insight into that topic.

I would like to acknowledge the organizing and technical committees for their contribution to the conference and in applying the high standards that ANZIIS deserves. It was a privilege to work with Anthony Maeder (General Chair), Brian Lovell (Technical Chair), Clinton Fookes and Andrew Keir who, as a team, tirelessly got the conference up and going. Brian tried out his new on-line paper submission and reviewing system which is a brilliant piece of work in progress. Our gratitude also goes to our DICTA colleagues for their support, hard work and liaison to get the two conferences seamlessly running together.

Finally, and on behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to thank the authors, presenters and conference delegates for their participation and contribution to what promises to be a most successful and productive conference. I look forward to meeting you during this and future ANZIIS conferences.


Duncan Campbell
Publicity Chair ANZIIS 2003