Technical Program

Wednesday 10th December

Adaptive and Machine Learning I

Image compression based upon independent component analysis: Generation of self-aligned ICA bases
Yasuo Matsuyama, Ryo Katsumata, Hiroaki Kataoka, Naoto Katsumata, Kenzo Tojima, Hideaki Ishijima, and Keita Shimoda

An Improved Neural Tree Classifier with Adaptive Pruning
Wanida Pensuwon, Rod Adams, and Neil Davey

Agent-Based Modelling of House Price Evolution
Siti Amri and Terry Bossomaier

Biomedical Information Technology

Numerical Evaluation of an 8-element Phased Array Torso Coil for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Feng Liu, Joe Li, Ian Gregg, Nick Shuley, and Stuart Crozier

Multiple Regression and Statistical Analysis on SEMG of Lumbar Muscles
Subash Ragupathy, Dinesh kant Kumar, Ken Kamei, and Barbara Polus

Biometrics and Automation

High Speed Pupillometry
S S Sammy Phang, D Robert Iskander, and Michael J. Collins

Hardware Design, Development and Evaluation of a Pressure- based Typing Biometrics Authentication System
Wasil Elsadig Eltahir, Ahmad Faris Ismail, Momoh Jimoh Salami, and W. K. Lai

Medical Image Analysis

Three-Dimensional Bone Shape Sonography System Aided by Fuzzy Logic
Tadashi Kimura, Kouki Nagamune, Syoji Kobashi, Katsuya Kondo, Yutaka Hata, Yuri T. Kitamura, and Toshio Yanagida

Segmentation of Cerebral Lobes in 3.0 T IR-FSPGR MR Images Using Fuzzy Inference
Yuji Fujiki, Syoji Kobashi, Mieko Matsui, Noriko Inoue, Katsuya Kondo, Yutaka Hata, and Tohru Sawada

An Efficient Method for Kidney Segmentation on Abdominal CT Images

Daw-Tung Lin, Chung-Chih Lei, and Shiao-Yun Hsiun

Intelligent Image Processing and Computer Vision I

Face Recognition with One Sample Image per Class
Shaokang Chen and Brian C. Lovell

Improvement of Fast Circle Detection Algorithm Using Certainty Factors
Ali Ajdari Rad, Karim Faez, and Navid Qaragozlou

Machine Vision and Robotics

An Efficient Strategy for Implementing Iterative Area Openings using the Max Tree
Xiaoqiang Huang, Mark Fisher, Yanong Zhu, Richard Aldridge, and Dan Smith

Data Mining and Intelligent Databases

Parallel Sequence Mining on Cycle Stealing Networks
Calum Robertson, Shlomo Geva, and Wayne Kelly

Data Mining Fault Information Reports for Prediction
Ramesh Kumar Rayudu and Ajay Maharaj

Expert, Fuzzy, and Neural Systems I

The Parameter-Less SOM algorithm
Erik Berglund and Joaquin Sitte

An Experiment with Approximate Reasoning in Site Selection using ‘InfraPlanner’
David Bailey, Duncan Campbell, and Ashantha Goonetilleke


Thursday 11th December

Adaptive and Machine Learning II

* Generalization of Kernel PCA and Automatic Parameter Tuning
Takahide Nogayama, Haruhisa Takahashi, and Masakazu Muramatsu

Analysis and Classification

Bayesian Decisions on Differentially Fed Hyperplanes
Manjunath R. Iyer and Gurumurthy K. S

Innovative Applications

Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Design Style Classification
Susil Aruna Shantha Lorensuhewa, Binh Pham, and Geva Shlomo

Artificial Intelligence: a Promised Land for Web Services
D. Richards, M. Sabou, S. van Splunter, and F. M. T. Brazier

Medical Applications I

*Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Cerebral Aneurysm Based on Fuzzy Expert System: MR Angiography Study
Mika Ninomiya, Syoji Kobashi, Katsuya Kondo, Yutaka Hata, and Tomoharu Nakano

Poster Session I

A Student-Adaptive System for Driving Simulation
Ivo Weevers, Anton Nijholt, Betsy van Dijk, Job Zwiers, Jorrit Kuipers, and Arnd Brugman

Web Services Based Single Sign-on for Hospital Management System
Savitri Bevinakoppa and Ravi Sankar Tripuramallu

On the Implementation of a Fuzzy CMAC
ChangBin Yu and Abdul Wahab

Wavelet Based Techniques for the Processing of Physiological Signals
Adrian Diery, David Grevell, Yvette Hill, and Daniel A. James

Autonomous Sports Training from Visual Cues
Andrew W. B. Smith and Brian C. Lovell

Expert, Fuzzy, and Neural Systems II

Rule Extraction from Images Using Neural Networks
Minoru Fukumi, Norio Akamatsu, and Hiroshi Nishiyama

An Expert System for Preventing Emergencies in Power Systems

Mark Jyn-Huey Lim and Michael Negnevitsky

Scenario Planning using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
Sebastian W. Khor and Shamim Khan

Intelligent Image Processing and Computer Vision II

The Correspondence Framework for Automatic Surface Matching
Birgit Planitz, Anthony Maeder, and John Williams

Age Classification from Face Images by Neural Networks
Minoru Fukumi, Norio Akamatsu, Miyoko Nakano, Fumiko Yasukata, and Shinobu Matsuo

Protein 2D Gel Electrophoresis Images Matching with Maximum Relation Spanning Tree
Daw-Tung Lin, Juin-Lin Kuo, En-Chung Lin, and San-Yuang Huang


Friday 12th December

Intelligent Agents

The Adaptation of Agent Configurations using Web Services as Components
D. Richards, S. van Splunter, F. M. T. Brazier, and M. Sabou

Intelligent Agent Framework for Modelling the Evolution of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Karen Blackmore, Terry Bossomaier, Denise Jarratt, and Keith Nesbitt

Medical Applications II

Hilbert, Poisson and other Relationships
A. G. Constantinides

Detection of Brain Activity for Averaged Multiple-Trial Magnetoencephalography Data
Yoshio Konno, Jianting Cao, Takayuki Arai, and Tsunehiro Takeda

Smart Devices and Signal Sensing

Cigarette Brand Identification Using Intelligent Electronic Noses
Dehan Luo, Hamid Gholam Hosseini, and John R. Stewart

Speech Recognition and Natural Language

Poster Session II

Autonomous Direct 3D Segmentation of Articular Knee Cartilage
Enrico Hinrichs, Ben Appleton, Brian C. Lovell, and Graham John Galloway

Skull and Brain Visualization by Transcranial Sonography System
Takashi Shimizu, Kouki Nagamune, Syoji Kobashi, Katsuya Kondo, Yutaka Hata, Yuri T. Kitamura, and Toshio Yanagida

Reusable Software Components for Robots using Fuzzy Abstractions
Robert Smith, Glenn Smith, and Aster Wardhani

Multi-step Independent Component Analysis for Removing Cardiac Artefacts from Back SEMG Signals
Djuwari Djuwari, Dinesh Kant Kumar, Subash C. Ragupathy, and Barbara Polus

Case Based Reasoning Models in Management Application
Fariba Shadabi and Mehrdad Khodai-Joopari

Expert, Fuzzy, and Neural Systems III

Intelligent Image Processing and Computer Vision III

Learning Robust Object Recognition Strategies
Ilya Levner, Vadim Bulitko, Lihong Li, Greg Lee, and Russell Greiner

Accuracy and Speed Improvement in Lips Region Extraction
Takuya Akashi, Minoru Fukumi, and Norio Akamatsu

Improving an Adaptive Image Interpretation System by Leveraging
Lihong Li, Vadim Bulitko, Russell Greiner, and Ilya Levner

Calculating the Similarity of Textures using Wavelet Scale Relationships
Andrew William Busch, Wageeh Boles, and Sridha Sridharan


* Highlighted Technical Papers